O U R    R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y 

We're just getting started

We know that when it comes to the production of beautiful clothes for you to wear, transparency is key. We also know that, whilst we’ve made small steps already to reduce our impact on the environment, we’ve still got lots to do.  

What we've got covered

Eco-Friendly Fabrics

  • 60% of the fabrics we've used in our SS21 collection are sustainably-made. 
  • We are proud to use Tencel™ - a Lyocell fabric that is manufactured using the pulp of sustainably sourced wood in a closed loop system. Tencel™ uses significantly less water, energy and chemicals than standard Lyocell. The pulp is broken down using organic solvents that are 99% reused, as opposed to more hazardous chemicals that standard Lyocell uses. It’s natural fibres make it gentle on the skin and much softer to the touch. Learn more about Tencel™ here.
  • We use recycled polyester that is certified with the Global Recycled Standard and is made from post consumer waste
  • All the fabrics we use are OEKO-TEX certified 
  • All our fabrics are made from 100% of the same fibre which allows for ease of recycling at the end of the product life. 

Considered Designs

  • 2 out of 3 of our shapes have been purposefully designed with no trims, to avoid additional wastage and enable the fabric to be recycled more easily at the end of product life 
  • Our patterned products are digitally printed. The digital printing process is less wasteful than screen printing, using less water and fewer chemicals. 

Local Manufacturing in Limited Quantities

  • All of our designs are made in North London at a small, family run studio based within walking distance of our founder's home. 
  • Working with a small studio means we can produce in small quantities as well as on a pre-order basis, ensuring we don't produce more than we need.

Recyclable Packaging

  • All orders are packed in recycled tissue paper that is fully recyclable. It’s acid free and 35% of the energy used to produce this is from renewable sources. These are then packaged into a recyclable cardboard box. 
  • All paper & card included with orders, whether it's your order confirmation or a free print, is printed on recycled paper that is also recyclable. 
  • Our swing tags are produced from recycled card 
  • All our packaging is make in the UK. 

Expert Guidance

  • In bringing The Violet Label to life, we’ve sought the help of trusted experts including Sara Collins and Natalie Binns to advise on ethical production processes and sustainable materials to use. 

What we need to improve on

  • Our Cotton - We want to switch the Cotton we use to a GOTS Organic Cotton. Originally we had sourced this from a European supplier, however due to Brexit they stopped shipping to the UK. Instead, we opted for a Cotton from a local fabric shop based down the road from our founder's home. 
  • 60% of our fabric is currently flown in from China. As a small, independent brand, finding sustainable fabric mills to work with in Europe has been one of the most difficult tasks. However, as we grow our aim is to source more of our materials from the UK and Europe to reduce air-miles and maintain closer relationships with our suppliers.  
  • Fully recycled packaging - we would like to switch to fully recycled boxes to ensure all our packaging is recycled
  • Labels - We want to do a full review of all labels and trims to ensure these are the most sustainable options possible 
  • Polyester - Although the polyester we use is recycled it is still synthetic so will release microplastics when washed. We recommend using a guppyfriend when washing any synthetic items you own in order to avoid this.